Linux News Today: darktable 2.0.5 Open-Source RAW Image Editor Adds Support for Canon EOS 80D

Today, July 5, 2016, the popular darktable open-source and cross-platform RAW image editor software has been updated to version 2.0.5, the fifth maintenance release in the stable 2.0 series of the project.

According to the release notes, darktable 2.0.5 is a modest update that implements a single feature, namely geolocation support for the watermark variable. Base support for the Canon EOS 80D digital camera is also available in this release, along with white balance presets and noise profiles.

However, at this moment, darktable does not support the mRAW and sRAW file formats for the Canon EOS 80D digital SLR camera. This functionality should land in future updates of the application, but for now, you shouldn’t use the RAW file formats mentioned above, only JPG.

“We’re proud to announce the fourth bugfix release for the 2.0 series of darktable, 2.0.5,” reads today’s announcement. “The GitHub release is here: As always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by GitHub, but only our tar.xz.

Bugs were fixed, translations updated

As expected with any new update of a software project, multiple bugs reported by users since the previous release were fixed. Among some of the issues fixed in darktable 2.0.5, we can mention for the Lightroom import, the broken libsecret pwstorage backend, the broken dt.collection for Lua, and building on Mac OS X.

Last but not least, darktable 2.0.5, which you can download right now for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X operating systems via our website, improves the handling of tags and duplicates. The Danish, German, and Slovak language translations have been updated as well in this release. darktable 2.0.5 comes two months after the release of darktable 2.0.4, and it is a recommended update for anyone running a previous darktable build.

Via Softpedia