Linux News Today: elementary Devs Need Your Help for a 4 Day elementary OS Hackathon in Paris

The elementary OS developers are currently working very hard on the next major release of the Ubuntu-based distro, elementary OS 0.4 “Loki”, and they are planning on an elementary Hackfest event in Paris, France.

Unfortunately, they need your help with the funding of the so-called “elementary Hackfest in Paris” event, for which an IndieGoGo campaign has been set, to get as many skilled applications developers as possible for as long as four days, in a room, together, to work on awesome open-source software projects for elementary OS.

“We’re putting on a 4 Day Hackathon in Paris for our volunteer developers in Europe to kickstart development on the next release of elementary OS. We’ll tackle things like release planning, smashing bugs and working on new features,” reads the IndieGoGo campaign. We want to keep this event free of outside influences and corporate sponsorships, so we need your help to make it happen.”

Therefore, if you use elementary OS on your personal computer, and you want to see unique, powerful applications and innovation on future release of the GNU/Linux distribution, you can back up the “elementary Hackfest in Paris” event on IndieGoGo with a small or big donation, which will be used for traveling, accommodation, food, IndieGoGo fees, and payment processing.

In the meantime, you can also help the elementary devs polish the upcoming Release Candidate (RC) development snapshot by downloading and test driving the second Beta release of elementary OS 0.4 “Loki” and report any bugs you might encounter. More details can be found in the official announcement and the distribution’s homepage.

Via Softpedia