Linux News Today: Fedora 24 Linux Default Wallpaper Revealed, to Be Included in Fedora 24 Alpha

Luya Tshimbalanga, a graphic and web designer working for the Fedora Project, has revealed today, March 11, 2016, the default wallpaper of the upcoming Fedora 24 Linux operating system.

Just a couple of days ago, we reported the Alpha Freeze, Software String Freeze, and Bodhi activation point for the upcoming Fedora 24 Alpha, which should be seeded to public testers worldwide starting March 22, 2016.

As part of Fedora 24 Alpha, the f24-backgrounds package has been updated to version 24.0.0 and will include different versions of the default wallpaper for the upcoming GNU/Linux operating system.

“I have packaged f24-backgrounds for the Alpha release awaiting for review which is very trivial to do,” said Luya Tshimbalanga. “Note that supplemental wallpapers will come later around Beta release.”

As usual, and, of course, out of curiosity, we managed to get our hands on the source package to see what that default Fedora 24 wallpaper looks like, and to share it here with our Softpedia Linux readers.

The f24-backgrounds package contains four versions of the wallpaper for different screen resolutions, but the most popular these days is the one we decided to attach below just in case you want to download it and use it on your OS right now.

Fedora 24 Beta to include more wallpapers

Only the default wallpaper will be distributed as part of the forthcoming Fedora 24 Alpha build, but the Beta release of the upcoming operating system promises to include the supplemental wallpapers as well, for which we will have write another story.

Fedora 24 Beta is currently scheduled for release on May 3, and the final Fedora 24 distribution will land on June 7, 2016. However, until then, you should keep an eye on our Linux section if you want to take Fedora 24 Alpha for a test drive. Enjoy the default wallpaper for Fedora 24 below!

Fedora 24 default wallpaper

Fedora 24 default wallpaper

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