Linux News Today: Fedora 24 Linux to Ship with a Livemedia Creator Tool for Making Live CDs

After informing users about the proposal of various changes in the systemd implementation of the upcoming Fedora 24 Linux operating system, such as systemd file triggers and systemd package split, the Fedora Project developers have published details about more upcoming feature proposals for Fedora 24.

Fedora’s Platform and Program Manager, Mr. Jan Kurik, announced today, November 25, that the Livemedia Creator (livemedia-creator) utility might become part of the forthcoming Fedora 24 GNU/Linux distribution, allowing users to make Live CDs, pxe2live images for Fedora’s Atomic project, as well as ARM disk images.

“We will be adding to koji the-the ability to run livemedia-creator in a chroot. We will replace the long legacy tools used to make LiveCD’s and ARM disk images, as well as the ability to deliver pxe2live for atomic,” said Jan Kurik Fedora Platform and Program Manager at Red Hat.

LiveCD Creator and Appliance Creator tools will be replaced

Fedora developers decided to implement the new Livemedia Creator tool in Fedora 24 because the existing solutions (appliance-creator and livecd-creator) have not been updated for modern times and they are still based on the deprecated Python 2.x and YUM packages, which are no longer available in the GNU/Linux distribution.

The Livemedia Creator (livemedia-creator) tool supports the new DNF package manager that has been implemented in Fedora 23 Linux, allowing the Fedora Project developers to create the installation media of Fedora Linux via the Anaconda installer, as well as to make the ISO images identical with the method used for installing the OS.

According to the new proposal, the Fedora devs will need to add the livemedia-creator support to the koji and pungi packages. Additionally, developers of Fedora spins will need to port their spin-kickstarts to work with the new livemedia-creator tool. More details can be found in the respective proposal.

Via Softpedia