Linux News Today: FFmpeg 3.1 "Laplace" Open-Source Multimedia Framework Officially Released

Today, June 27, 2016, the development team behind the popular, cross-platform and open-source multimedia framework used by numerous media player software, FFmpeg, has announced the release of the FFmpeg 3.1 “Laplace” series.

FFmpeg 3.1 is here as a drop-in replacement for the massive FFmpeg 3.0 “Einstein” release, arriving after approximately four months, and it is now the latest stable FFmpeg release, cut from the Git master branch the other day, on June 26, 2016. The release has been dubbed “Laplace.”

“Approximately every 3 months the FFmpeg project makes a new major release. Between major releases point releases will appear that add important bug fixes but no new features. Note that these releases are intended for distributors and system integrators,” reads the project’s website.

FFmpeg 3.1 “Laplace” comes with the usual updated components, among which we can mention libavutil 55.27.100, libavcodec 57.48.101, libavformat 57.40.101, libavdevice 57.0.101, libavfilter 6.46.102, libavresample 3.0.0, libswscale 4.1.100, libswresample 2.1.100, as well as libpostproc 54.0.100.

Users should update to FFmpeg 3.1 as soon as possible

As usual, it is recommended that you always update the FFmpeg packages to the latest stable version available, which is FFmpeg 3.1 at the moment of writing this quick blog article, to avoid system issues and crashes. You can download the FFmpeg 3.1 “Laplace” sources right now via our website and compile the software yourself.

However, we recommend that you wait for the new version to arrive in the main software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution, which should happen shortly after this announcement. FFmpeg 3.1 is also available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems from the project’s homepage. Check out the Git history on for a complete changelog.

Via Softpedia