Linux News Today: Firefox 41 Released with AdBlock Plus Memory Improvements and More

Mozilla has just released the stable version of Firefox 41, bringing some pretty cool features like the ability to set up a profile picture for the Firefox account and some memory improvements for AdBlock Plus.

The Firefox browser has just received a new stable update and this time it’s not a huge update, although there are some outstanding changes that should make this interesting enough for users. Unlike the previous 40.x milestone, this new one is more about small improvements. One the most important changes has got to be the memory refinements that have been implemented for the users of Adblock Plus. This is probably the thing that will probably get noticed by most users.

Firefox had problems with memory management for a long time, and many users recognized this as one of the biggest issues with the browser from Mozilla. The fact that devs are finally taking some steps to correct this problem is a good sign for the future of this application.

Firefox 41 is here and ready for download

According to the changelog, users should now be able to set a profile picture for the Firefox Account, Firefox Hello comes with support for instant messaging, SVG images can be used as favicons, type 2 add-ons that were not signed by Mozilla will be disabled by default, memory overhead of AdBlock Plus has been reduced, the image decoding process has been refined, and the viewport can no longer be modified by picture elements. A number of other developer and HTML5 changes have been added as well.

It’s worth pointing out that Mozilla has yet to announce the launch officially, but they have released the files on their servers. As usual, you can download Firefox 41 for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X from Softpedia. If you’re using a Linux distribution, then you should get the Firefox packages soon in your repositories.

As usual, you can download Firefox 41 for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia