Linux News Today: First 64-Bit Mini PC, PINE A64, Concludes Kickstarter with $1,73 Million

PINE A64, the first 64-bit single board that made a great impression on Kickstarter, has managed to conclude its campaign with an amazing $1,73 million.

There are a lot of single board computers out there, but all of them are running on 32-bit processors. That’s not to say that they aren’t good or powerful, but the world has been moving towards 64-bit for a long time, so it was only a matter of time until someone also made a single board powered by a 64-bit process.

We covered PINE A64 when it was still raising money, but now the campaign is over, and it’s been an amazing success. The makers of this board only wanted about $31,000, but the campaign ended with a whopping $1,73 million, and that is 55 times more than the initial sum.

It’s the first one and incredibly cheap

It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep track of all the boards out there. There are a few famous ones, but there are many others with names unknown to the public. PINE A64, on the other hand, is the first 64-bit version, and that counts for something. Also, the good news is that the board is now ready, and Early Bird backers will be receiving their editions in February.

“Our only priority in the next 2-3 months is making sure our Kickstarter pledgers get their boards on time, and we continue to update our Android and Linux images as well as start to port over additional services and modules. Supporting the Kickstarter pledgers are our top priority, and distribution and wholesale requests can come later,” the makers of the board write on Kickstarter,

They have also said that one of their developers managed to get Ubuntu Core 14.04-3 for ARM to run, but that they are still in the process of getting some patches in place.

Not only has PINE A64 been a great success, but it looks that it’s going to ship on time for everyone, in March. If you want more details on this board, make sure that you read our previous coverage.

Via Softpedia