Linux News Today: Geary 0.11.1 Email Client Supports Special "Sent" and "Delete" Exchange Folders

Now that we know the Geary email client is alive and kicking, currently maintained by GNU/Linux developer Michael Gratton, it’s time to look forward to a new version. Therefore, today we announce the debut of Geary 0.11.1.

Geary 0.11.1 has been introduced today, June 27, 2016, and it comes as a minor point release to the stable Geary 0.11.x series after one a half months of work, during which its new maintainers managed to fix a bunch of those annoying issues reported by users since Geary 0.11.0, especially some nasty crashes on 32-bit OSes.

As usual, we’ve managed to get our hands on the internal changelog to tell you what’s new in Geary 0.11.1. By the looks of it, there are a few interesting improvements, such as the ability for the application to find those special “Sent” and “Delete” folders on Exchange email accounts, or folders that contain only lower case characters in their names.

Geary 0.11.1 implements the use of Secure HTTP (HTTPS) connections when accessing the domain for fetching avatars, no longer creates “Archive” folders for Google’s Gmail accounts, adds better support for accounts by fixing an issue with the connection, as reported by users with Geary 0.11.0 and previous releases.

Numerous language translations have been updated

Last but not least, the internal changelog suggests that many of the available UI (User Interface) language translations have been updated, along with some improved documentation translations, so you can enjoy Geary in your favorite language. The sources of Geary 0.11.1 email client are available for download right now via our website.

If you want to compile the software for your GNU/Linux distribution, download the sources. Otherwise, please wait for your operating system’s maintainers to update the Geary packages to version 0.11.1. As usual, don’t hesitate to check out the changelog below for more details about what has been fixed in this new stable Geary release.

Via Softpedia