Linux News Today: Git 2.9 Source Code Management System Is a Major Release with Many New Features

The Git development team is proud to announce the general availability of the 2.9 series of their widely used open-source distributed version control system for all supported platforms.

Git 2.9 ends the development of the 2.8 branch, whose last maintenance release was version 2.8.4, announced only a week ago, and promises to bring many exciting new features to the source code management tool used by millions of developer worldwide via the GitHub project hosting website or other platforms.

Since Git 2.8, the development team managed to add numerous features, among which we can mention the implementation of git-multimail for sending notification emails for pushes to a Git repository, and a brand-new “interactive.diffFilter” configuration can let devs customize the diff displayed in “git add -i” sessions.

Of course, many of the core commands have received improvements and learned new tricks as part of the Git 2.9 release, including, but not limited to, “git p4”, “git tag”, “git merge”, “git pull”, “git apply -v”, “git worktree add”, “git mergetools”, “git pull –rebase”, “git send-email”, “git rerere”, “git clone”, and “git commit”.

Introducing the “multiple worktree” feature

Also new in Git 2.9 is the addition of an experimental feature called “multiple worktree,” which promises to keep your work safer by forbidding various operations on a Git branch that’s being accessed from a different location or checked out. The feature detects when the respective branch is being rebased and notifies the user.

Last but not least, Git 2.9 ships today with many performance improvements, better development support, and fixes for numerous of the bugs that have been reported by users since Git 2.8 and haven’t been addresses since then. Git 2.9 is a recommended update for all users and you can download the source archive right now via our website.

Via Softpedia