Linux News Today: Git 2.9 Version Control System Gets Its First Point Release with 28 Improvements

Coming approximately one month since the launch of the massive Git 2.9 update, the first point release in the series, Git 2.9.1, is now available for download on all supported platforms.

Git 2.9 introduces numerous attractive features for Open Source application developers, such as faster and more flexible submodules, beautiful diffs, the ability to test all the commits with a new “rebase -x” command, and many other goodies that will enhance your Git experience no matter the platform you’re working on at the time.

Git is currently the world’s most utilized distributed version control system, also known by many as a source code management tool, and that’s mainly because it is used on the very popular GitHub project hosting website. Git 2.9.1 is now the latest and most advanced version of the open-source software, bringing a total of 28 improvements.

Here’s what’s new in Git 2.9.1

Release highlights of Git 2.9.1 include the enablement of socket-level KEEPALIVE for the “git daemon” to allow the host operating system to be aware of connection failures from a client when it’s run without specifying the “–[init-]timeout” parameter, improvements to the automatic color output of the “git log” command, and many documentation changes.

Furthermore, developers can now work on the same hunk split as the “git diff” output when using the “git add -i/-p” command, which now honors the diff.compactionHeuristic experimental knob. Then, the “git cherry-pick A..B” command now works on an unborn branch, and it looks like a regression from Git 2.9 that broke the “clone –depth” command is now fixed.

There are various small fixes to commands like “git rev-list –count,” “git show -W,” “git reflog,” “git update-index –add –chmod=+x file,” “log –graph –format=,” and “git p4,” along with build improvements to gnome-keyring, so we recommend studying the changelog attached below if you’re curious to know what exactly has been fixed. In the meantime, download the Git 2.9.1 sources right now via our website.

Via Softpedia