Linux News Today: Gnumeric 1.12.27 Open Source Spreadsheet Editor Has ODF Roundtrip Fixes, More

The Gnumeric development team has had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of a new maintenance release in the Gnumeric 1.12 stable series.

According to the changelog attached at the end of the article for reference, Gnumeric 1.12.27 is mostly a bugfix release that attempts to add workarounds for various annoying issues reported by users since the previous point release, as well as to squash some nasty bugs that might have affected the overall performance of the application.

Noteworthy changes include several OpenDocument Format (ODF) improvements, such as read/write rich-text font-size support and the ability to zoom values to and from ODF files in compatibility with the LibreOffice office suite, as well as support for reading a new attribute to am and pm elements during the import of ODF files.

IMIGAMMA coverage has been improved

Moreover, Gnumeric 1.12.27 ships with a workaround for a GTK+ problem that caused windows to grow after each “save and reload” operation, adds more fixes for the fuzzed file issues, addresses the NETWORKDAYS problems impacting ODF support, and repairs issues with data labels that occurred when the source was a range with several columns and rows.

Other than that, the ssconvert tool is now capable of splitting spreadsheets into separate Plain Text files in the .txt format, the test suite has been improved, the AGM function has been added, and the IMIGAMMA coverage has seen some improvements as well, along with the BESSELY, BESSELJ, and BETA accuracy.

Last but not least, there are fixes for many other small yet important issues, such as problems with database functions, fonts for PDF conversion, Bison check, and canvas leaving grab in place. You can download the Gnumeric 1.12.27 sources right now from Softpedia, or update it in your GNU/Linux operating system via the default software repositories.

Via Softpedia