Linux News Today: GParted 0.26.0 Launches with Read-Only Support for LUKS Encrypted Filesystems

GParted developer and maintainer Curtis Gedak proudly announced the release of the GParted 0.26.0 open-source partition editor utility that’s widely used in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems.

GParted 0.26.0 launches on April 26, 2016, with several exciting new features, such as read-only support for LUKS encrypted filesystems, progress bars for the NTFS, XFS, EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4 file system copy methods, along with support for using a single progress bar for entire internal copy operation, and implementation of the partition object polymorphism.

“This release adds read-only support for LUKS encrypted file systems. GParted identifies these with the addition of “[Encrypted]” and can show the file system within an open LUKS encrypted mapping,” said Curtis Gedak. “However this release can not open or close the LUKS encryption and can not modify the encrypted file system within. Other changes include bug fixes and language translation updates.”

FAT32 maximum volume size was limited to 2 TiB

Among other interesting changes implemented in the GParted 0.26.0 release, we can mention the enablement of the C++11 compilation when the libsigc++ 2.5.1 library or later versions are used, limitation of the FAT32 maximum volume size to 2 TiB, support for using realpath safely, as well as the addition of the missing gettext translation tag to the AppData file.

GParted 0.26.0 also fixes issues users encountered with the “No such file or directory” error for operations, patches a crash that occurred when attempting to read NTFS usage with no /dev/PTN entry present, fixes the autoconf check C++11’s Gtk::Window::set_default_icon_name function, and updates various language translations. Download GParted 0.26.0 right now via our website, but only the sources are provided, so you need to update to this version via your distro’s repos.

Via Softpedia