Linux News Today: HandyLinux 2.3 Is Based on Debian 8.3, Dedicated to the Memory of Ian Murdock

The developers of the HandyLinux computer operating system have been proud to inform Softpedia earlier about the immediate availability for download of the HandyLinux 2.3 release.

Being based on the well-known and powerful Debian GNU/Linux 8.3 (Jessie) operating system created by Ian Murdock, who sadly passed away on December 30, 2015, today’s HandyLinux 2.3 release is dedicated to his memory, and because of that, it has been dubbed by its developers “Ian.”

“Who says new version of Debian, says new version of HandyLinux! The latter, although, it is a minor release with several new features for your enjoyment! It bears the name ‘Ian’ in honor of Ian Murdock, founder of Debian, without whom HandyLinux would not exist. May he rest in peace,” say the HandyLinux developers.

What’s new in HandyLinux 2.3

Prominent features of HandyLinux 2.3 include active zoom support by adding the Xfwm4 4.12 backports, better support for the 64-bit edition, LightDM as the default login manager, HandySoft as the default package manager utility, the addition of a speech synthesis installation method, and numerous software updates.

HandyMenu has been updated to version 4, which is now capable of listing your recent documents, the default desktop theme has been greatly improved, there’s now a handy assistance program that helps you accomplish various tasks, and a new liveUSBcreator tool lets you create a Live USB media with HandyLinux.

Last but not least, HandyLinux 2.3 comes with a simpler update manager utility that has been integrated into the OS, Iceweasel 4.3, Icedove 38.5, the “gnome-accessibility-themes” packages, printing support of images directly from Thunar, as well as compatibility with the Debian documentation.

Download HandyLinux 2.3 right now from Softpedia. If HandyLinux is already installed on your computer, we remind you that you don’t have to do anything special to upgrade to HandyLinux 2.3, except to update your system with the latest patches and software updates.

HandyLinux 2.3 released

HandyLinux 2.3 released

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