Linux News Today: KDE Applications 16.04 Gets Its First Point Release, Includes Over 25 Bug Fixes

Today, May 10, 2016, KDE has announced the general availability of the first point release in the latest stable and most advanced KDE Applications 16.04 series of the software suite used for the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment.

KDE Applications 16.04.1 is here three weeks after the release of the major KDE Applications 16.04 version on April 20, 2016, bringing fixes for a total of xx bugs that have been reported by users since then.

According to the official release notes, a total of 25 bug fixes landed in this release for KDE apps like KDE PIM, Ark, Kate, Dolphin, Kdenlive, Lokalize, Spectacle, and a few more others.

“Today KDE released the first stability update for KDE Applications 16.04. This release contains only bugfixes and translation updates, providing a safe and pleasant update for everyone,” reads today’s announcement.

Also, it looks like KDE Applications 16.04.1 also includes the long-term supported KDE Development Platform 4.14.20. KDE Applications 16.04.1 will soon hit the stable repos of various GNU/Linux operating system, so please update immediately.

Two more point releases are coming to KDE Applications 16.04

The KDE Applications 16.04 software suite for KDE Plasma 5.6 is getting two more point releases in the coming months. The next one, KDE Applications 16.04.2, will be released in five weeks from the moment of writing this article, on June 14, 2016.

Then, KDE will push one more maintenance release of the KDE Applications 16.04 series, KDE Applications 16.04.3, which should hit the streets on July 12, 2016. By then, KDE Plasma 5.7 will be officially unveiled to GNU/Linux users.

What will happen after the KDE Applications 16.04’s end of life we don’t know, at least not right now, as KDE didn’t share with us any details about the next major branch of the KDE Applications software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop.

Via Softpedia