Linux News Today: Linux AIO Brings All the Debian Live 7.11.0 Editions Into a Single ISO Image

Today, June 22, 2016, Softpedia has been informed by the Linux AIO developers about the immediate availability for download of the Linux AIO Debian Live 7.11.0 ISO images.

Linux AIO is a non-profit project whose main goal is to create Live, bootable ISO images that contain all the essential Live editions of various popular GNU/Linux distributions. For example, you’ll find Live ISOs with all the official Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, Zorin OS, or PCLinuxOS Live flavors.

Therefore, today’s release of Linux AIO Debian Live 7.11.0 incorporates all the Live editions of the Debian GNU/Linux 7.11.0 operating system, which was announced at the beginning of the month, along with the Debian GNU/Linux 8.5 “Jessie,” but a Linux AIO ISO image for it is yet to be announced.

For now, you can download the Linux AIO Debian Live 7.11.0 and get the Debian GNU/Linux 7.11.0 GNOME, Debian GNU/Linux 7.11.0 KDE, Debian GNU/Linux 7.11.0 Xfce, and Debian GNU/Linux 7.11.0 LXDE Live editions into a single ISO image that you can carry with your on either a USB flash drive or DVD disc.

Linux AIO Debian Live 8.5.0 is coming soon

There are currently two ISO images for the Linux AIO Debian Live 7.11.0 release, one with the Debian GNU/Linux 7.11.0 Live editions mentioned above for the 64-bit hardware architecture, and another one for 32-bit platforms. Of course, all editions remained untouched, as Linux AIO Debian Live 7.11.0 is only a container for them.

What this means, exactly, is that Linux AIO Debian Live 7.11.0 not only will help you save a lot of time, money, and disk space by offering you all the original Debian Live 7.11.0 editions under a single roof, but it’s also perfect when you have to showcase these distributions to your potential customers.

The Linux AIO Debian Live 7.11.0 64-bit or 32-bit ISO images are available for download right now via our website. Shortly, the Linux AIO developers will also release the Linux Debian Live 8.5.0 ISOs, which contain the Debian Live GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, MATE, and Cinnamon 8.5 editions. Please note that UEFI is not supported at this time.

Via Softpedia