Linux News Today: Lubuntu Team Needs Your Feedback on the Size of the Lubuntu Linux ISO Images

Simon Quigley from the Lubuntu team published recently a new blog post on the distribution’s website to ask for community’s input on Lubuntu Linux operating system’s Live ISO image sizes.

They created a poll, called “CD Size Poll,” where users can vote if they would like to see DVD-size ISO images of future versions of the Lubuntu distribution or not. The decision is quite big so the Lubuntu team can’t do anything without the community’s consent. These days, they are trying very hard to make sure the Lubuntu ISO images fit on a standard CD disc because everything appears to get bigger.

“Technology is evolving, and so is Lubuntu. The applications that we used two years ago have grown in size, and will continue to do so. As well as the packages, storage devices have grown throughout the years. Currently, we try to make sure that our images fit on a Compact Disc (CD) which has a maximum capacity of 700 megabytes. Unfortunately, it is getting increasingly hard to fit our images on these devices.”

Lubuntu is lightweight and designed for older PCs

We all know that Lubuntu Linux’s purpose is to offer users a lightweight operating system built on top of the LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) graphical interface that they can install on their old and dusty computers from 10 or 15 years ago. Future versions of Lubuntu will use the more modern, Qt-based LXQt desktop environment, but it’ll still be a lightweight OS.

However, this does not mean that the ISO images of Lubuntu need to remain on the CD-size form factor used 10 years ago, but that will depend on your vote so make sure that you access the poll located at and tell the Lubuntu team if the decision of making bigger, DVD-size ISOs of Lubuntu will affect you or not. Be sincere and hurry up because the poll closes August 26, 2016.

Via Softpedia