Linux News Today: Make Ubuntu MATE Look like the Old Ubuntu 4.10 with GNOME 2

Users like to make their Linux distribution look like something else, and Windows is usually a good target, but someone figured out that users might like to experience something from the past and put together a pack that can do just that.

Most themes that you can find today are about being modern and about following the latest trends. One day we’re using flat icons, the next we’re moving to something better. There are thousands of system themes and icon themes for Linux OSes and it appears that new ones pop up every day.

There are a lot of users out there who are still pining after the old days, and they would very much want to see GNOME 2 making a comeback. Fortunately, this is where the MATE desktop environment comes in. It sort of follows the same design trends, and with a little bit of tweaking, it can be made to resemble the old versions of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu MATE looking like Ubuntu 4.10 is weird

If you didn’t get to use the old GNOME desktop, you might think that this is a bit strange, to say the least. The Ubuntu Human Legacy Theme Pack put together and offered via is a perfect opportunity to get to see how things were a decade ago.

It’s not pretty and designers would probably get booed if they were to show something like this today, but that’s not the case. In any way, you’re going to turn some heads with this theme if you choose to employ it on your computer.

As it stands right now, Ubuntu Human Legacy Theme Pack only works with Ubuntu MATE, and there is no indication that you might be able to make it work on other distributions. There is still some work left to do, but nothing major. This is actually a collection of elements from different designers, and you can download their work from

Via Softpedia