Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) Receives Its Eighth Update with Linux Kernel 4.4.1

The Manjaro Linux development team, through Philip Müller, was happy to announce this past weekend the general availability of the eighth update for their stable Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) operating system.

As usual with any new update pack, Manjaro Linux users get the latest software updates, and today we can report that Manjaro Update 2016-02-13 (stable) includes updates to software like Mozilla Firefox, Linux kernel, Eric IDE, Haskell, Oracle Java SDK 8, Calamares, and the free Intel video driver.

Additionally, the new stable update for Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) includes all the upstream fixes, security patches, and software updates from the Arch Linux repositories, with which the Manjaro Linux ones are fully in sync as of February 11, 2016.

“It is always good to check for updated packages, even we don’t notify you about them. As usual people using our testing branch will help us to get snaps over to our branch almost smoothly,” said Philip Müller on behalf of the Manjaro Development Team. “Please give us feedback and report any findings with this update.”

All users are urged to update as soon as possible

With this eighth stable update, Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) now supports the following kernel versions: Linux 3.10.96 LTS, Linux 3.12.53 LTS, Linux, Linux 3.14.60 LTS, Linux, Linux 3.18.26 LTS, Linux, Linux 4.1.17 LTS, Linux, Linux 4.3.5, Linux 4.4.1 LTS, and Linux 4.5 Release Candidate 3.

As with any new stable update for Manjaro Linux, users are always urged to update their installations as soon as possible. The Manjaro Update 2016-02-13 (stable) pack is now available in the default software repositories of the distribution, so all you have to do to update is to fire up the graphical package manager and apply any existing updates.

Via Softpedia