Linux News Today: MKVToolNix 9.3 "Second Sight" Released with Several Enhancements and Features

MKVToolNix developer Moritz Bunkus proudly announced the other day the release of the MKVToolNix 9.3.0 “Second Sight” maintenance update of the popular open-source MKV (Matroska) manipulation utility, promising to implement many of the user-requested features, as well as to fix numerous reported bugs.

MKVToolNix 9.3 brought a new chapter generation feature with two placeholders, better support when opening a saved configuration via the merge tool, along with the ability to specify how much a TS or MPEG-PS file will be probed for tracks by using the new “–probe-range-percentage” option.

Most of the MPEG-TS module for mkvmerge have been rewritten to properly buffer PES (Packetized Elementary Stream) packets, and it looks like both the mkvmerge and mkvinfo tools received a new flags feature designed to support the “Colour” elements in video tracks of MKV (Matroska) containers.

“Users can use those flags to specify the color space, transfer function, chromaticity coordinates, etc. These properties are useful for correct color reproduction of high dynamic range / wide color gamut videos,” said Moritz Bunkus in the official release announcement.

But that’s not all, as MKVToolNix 9.3 also adds better support for the latest Qt 5.7 GUI toolkit, fixes many issues for its graphical user interface, MKVToolNix GUI, improved DTS handling in mkvmerge, fixes detection of 96 kHz sampling frequency, and the “add to job queue” and “start muxing” MKVToolNix GUI buttons now feature menus.

MKVToolNix 9.3 has already gotten its first point release

Apart from the goodies mentioned above introduced in yesterday’s MKVToolNix 9.3.0 release, many nasty bugs were squashed. However, not all of them, as Moritz Bunkus has announced today, July 14, 2016, the first maintenance update in the series, MKVToolNix 9.3.1, which addresses a serious issue for the mkvmerge tool.

Other than that, the developer informs package maintainers that, starting with MKVToolNix 9.3.1, they’ll need to have the libMatroska 1.4.5 and libEBML 1.3.4 installed on the respective host system before updating. Users can download the MKVToolNix 9.3.1 binaries for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now via our website.

Via Softpedia