Linux News Today: More Fixes Added for Ubuntu Touch OTA-8

The next Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 update is scheduled to arrive in about two weeks and the developers are now putting the final touches. There is a certain number of bug-fixes still left to be added, but they are slowly getting implemented.

Developers have decided a while back to move to a six-week release schedule for the Ubuntu Touch updates, and they are now quickly approaching one of these cycles.

The new update will bring a lot of new packages and important updates, and that includes stuff like Mir or Unity 8. The operating system is stable, but it still needs some features, which are slowly being added with the help of these upgrades.

All of the previous OTA updates have brought significant changes, and there is no reason to believe that it won’t happen again with the current one as well.

In fact, judging by what has been revealed until now, this is one of the biggest updates for Ubuntu Touch and users will be able to notice a lot of new stuff.

More fixes are incoming

“A bit more exciting today landing-wise, it seems that bug-fixes started flowing more steadily recently. First, we had a new bugfix UITK landing plus a new thumbnailer. Those were followed by signon (adding new error codes in the UI), a new upstream release of libaccounts-qt and finally finished off with a buteo-syncfw landing. With the help of Colin and Martin we also switched the times of the auto-generation of langpacks to Wednesdays as mentioned earlier. This way it fits a bit more to our release model nowadays,” wrote Canonical’s Łukasz ‘sil2100’ Zemczak.

Some users are still having problems with the way these updates are being numbered on different devices, but that will most likely change after this update is implemented and everyone will have the same version on their phones. The OTA-8 update is expected to arrive on November 18.

Via Softpedia