Linux News Today: Network Security Toolkit (NST) Linux OS Released Based on Fedora 24, Linux 4.6

Today, July 4, 2016, Ronald Henderson has announced the release of a new version of the Fedora-based Network Security Toolkit (NST) Linux distribution for network security analysis and monitoring.

Network Security Toolkit (NST) 24-7977 is now the latest version of the computer operating system used by numerous sysadmins around the world to monitor and analyze the security of various computer networks. As its version number suggests, the new Network Security Toolkit version is based on the recently announced Fedora 24.

However, it looks like this Network Security Toolkit release is powered by the latest and most advanced Linux 4.6.3 kernel, which also hit the Fedora 24 Linux software repositories last week, as the upstream distribution was initially introduced with a kernel from the Linux 4.5 series. Linux kernel 4.6.3 includes support for the latest hardware devices.

What’s new in Network Security Toolkit (NST) 24-7977

Probably the biggest change in Network Security Toolkit (NST) 24-7977 is the fact that the Fedora-based Linux distribution is now offered as an ISO image only for modern, 64-bit computers. Yes, that’s right, following the latest trends, the NST developers decided to drop support for 32-bit platforms.

Network Security Toolkit now comes with a new Multi-Traceroute (MTR) networking tool integrated directly into the web-based interface, designed to offer you an interactive Traceroute visual using Scapy. Moreover, NST’s WUI Network Packet Capture protocol decode implementation now integrates a new interactive 3D Pie Chart that shows the results from an nDPI (ntop Deep Packet Inspection).

“Results from the tool can expose load balance tiers and NAT. NST uses the Python 3 version of Scapy known as Scapy3k. MTR included new networking features such as running multiple queries with each target, display of Round Trip Time (RTT), selection of using Network Protocols: TCP, UDP and ICMP and enhanced SVG graphical results,” explained the devs.

The new Network Security Toolkit release also introduces the SSLyze project, which system administrators can use for analyzing the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) configuration of a server. SSLyze is available in NST’s Networking Tools Widget component. Last but not least, NST’s Map Tools have received darkness and lightness Google Maps controls.

As expected, most of the pre-installed applications have been updated to their latest versions as of July 4, 2016. Network Security Toolkit (NST) 24-7977 is available for download right now via our website, where it is distributed for free as an installable ISO image for 64-bit computers.

Via Softpedia