Linux News Today: Nexus 6 Is Now an Unofficial Ubuntu Phone, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Support Coming Soon – Exclusive

We told you the other day that Ubports’ Marius Gripsgård is on vacation, which means that he has a lot of time on his hands to improve the unofficial Ubuntu Touch port for various devices.

A major update is coming in only two weeks for owners of the OnePlus One, Fairphone 2, and Nexus 5 smartphones, bringing them Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, Voice calls, AppArmor fixes, cellular and sound support. You need to read that story to see which device received which features.

In the respective announcement, Marius Gripsgård also promised that he would concentrate all of his efforts on making the Ubuntu mobile operating system, Ubuntu Touch, boot on other devices he already owns, such as OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, and Nexus 5x, as well as to add graphical interface support to Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

Nexus 6 is now an Ubuntu Phone, but many things don’t work yet

Earlier today, he announced on his Google+ page that he managed to get the graphical interface of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system work on the Nexus 6 smartphone. Curious to know more, we’ve asked Marius Gripsgård about his experience so far with Nexus 6 as an Ubuntu Phone.

“Well, first off there isn’t much working on it (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound, AppArmor, etc.), now it is just the graphical interface that works (see the attached screenshot for details). But I do expect I will get other things work pretty quick,” said Marius Gripsgård exclusively for Softpedia.

The development progress of the Nexus 6 Ubuntu Phone (codename shamu) can be monitored on the dedicated Ubports page, where you’ll also find details about how to install the Ubuntu Touch operating system on this device, though we don’t recommend to do so right now because of obious reasons.

Via Softpedia