Linux News Today: Nvidia 361.28 Video Driver Released for Linux with Support for GeForce 945A GPUs

On February 9, 2016, Nvidia announced the release a new stable, long-lived graphics driver for all supported UNIX-like operating systems, including GNU/Linux, BSD, and Solaris.

According to the release notes, Nvidia 361.28 introduces support for the GeForce 945A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), and implements a non-GLVND, legacy GLX client library into the installer package for Linux systems, thus allowing users to choose between the GLVND or non-GLVND GLX client libraries during installations.

“By default, nvidia-installer will install the legacy, non-GLVND GLX client libraries. The –glvnd-glx-client command line option can be used to override the default, and install the GLVND GLX client libraries instead,” reads the announcement. “Please contact the vendors of any applications that are not compatible with GLVND.”

Nvidia also managed to implement support for the GLVND (OpenGL Vendor-Neutral Driver) infrastructure in its GLX and OpenGL drivers, for which it provides support. Moreover, it updated the nvidia-installer to execute the depmod(8) and ldconfig(8) commands after uninstalling an existing driver.

VDPAU wrapper and trace libraries were removed

Among other changes, we can notice that Nvidia 361.28 removes the VDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix) wrapper, along with the and trace libraries from the driver package as they are usually available in the main software repositories of many popular GNU/Linux distributions.

Last but not least, a bug has been fixed in the EGL driver. All users should update to this release as soon as possible, so download the Nvidia 361.28 video driver for 32-bit and 64-bit GNU/Linux systems, as well as for the BSD and Solaris platforms right now via Softpedia or directly from the Nvidia’s website.

Via Softpedia