Linux News Today: PCLinuxOS Xfce 64 2016.07 Community Edition Ships with Linux Kernel 4.6.3

Following on the release of PCLinuxOS MATE 64 2016.07, Ika, the maintainer of the PCLinuxOS LXDE and Xfce community editions, proudly announced today, July 9, 2016, the release of the PCLinuxOS LXDE 64 2016.07 and PCLinuxOS Xfce 64 2016.07.

PCLinuxOS Xfce 64 2016.07 brings the July updates to users of the RPM-based computer operating system build around the lightweight, stable, fast and fully customizable Xfce 4.12 desktop environment.

The new release is powered by a kernel package from the Linux 4.6 series, as opposed to Linux kernel 4.4.11 LTS that was used in the PCLinuxOS 64 2016.06 Xfce Live ISO images announced last month.

As expected, PCLinuxOS Xfce 64 2016.07 has been fully synchronized with the PCLinuxOS software repository, which means that it includes up-to-date packages and software applications, as well as the latest security patches and bugfixes.

Available as Mini and Full editions

PCLinuxOS Xfce 64 2016.07 Community Edition ships today in two variants, as Full and Mini Live ISO images. The developers recommend the Full edition to beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, and the Mini flavor only to experienced users.

The Mini edition of PCLinuxOS Xfce 64 2016.07 is smaller in size and lets advanced users to fully customized the operating system to their needs, without having to uninstall many packages and waste a lot of their time.

PCLinuxOS 64 2016.06 Xfce Community Edition can be used only on 64-bit computers. The ISOs can be downloaded right now via our website, and you use them as is directly from a USB flash drive or a CD disc, or install on your PC or laptop.

Keep an eye on our Linux news section as more PCLinuxOS editions should be announced later today or in the coming days, including PCLinuxOS LXDE 64 2016.07 Community Edition with the lightweight LXDE user interface, and the PCLinuxOS KDE 64 2016.07 edition with the latest KDE Plasma 5 desktop.

Via Softpedia