Linux News Today: Samba 4.3.5 Arrives with a Few Fixes

Samba is a tool that seamlessly integrates Linux/Unix servers and desktops into Active Directory environments using the winbind daemon, and developers have just released a sizable update for it.

As the version number suggests, this is just a maintenance version of the 4.3.x branch of Samba, but that doesn’t make it any less important. There are quite a few fixes in this version, so it would be a good idea to upgrade as soon as it becomes available in the official repos.

According to the developers, the check for setting u:g:o entry on a filesystem with no ACL support has been fixed, recursive download has been corrected, the kernel oplock setting is now respected when releasing oplocks, the defaults are now cleaned when removing global parameters, and the initial allocation size for directory creation is now ignored.

Also, a workaround has been implemented for sockets that don’t support FIONREAD, some error messages that occurred after the kernel security update have been removed, the expired sessions are now handled correctly, a KRB5 wrapper for smbspool has been added, and a few other fixes have been implemented as well.

More details about this release can be found in the official announcement. If you are using this version of Samba or an older one, you should upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of the multiple fixes.

You can download Samba 4.3.5 right now from Softpedia, but please keep in mind that it’s only the source code.

Via Softpedia