Linux News Today: SMPlayer 16.6 Free Media Player Released with HiDPI Support, New Tablet Mode

The SMPlayer development team was proud to announce the general availability of SMPlayer 16.6.0, a major release that brings exciting new features for all supported platforms.

SMPlayer is an open-source, cross-platform and free media player application that works on both Linux kernel-based and Microsoft Windows operating systems, offering users a modern, stable, and powerful tool for watching movies and live streams.

As its name suggests, SMPlayer is based on the award-winning MPlayer project, which means that it supported all the known video and audio formats available. The new release, SMPlayer 16.6 has been ported to the latest Qt5 technologies, thus finally bringing the long-anticipated support for High DPI (HiDPI) displays.

For GNU/Linux users, the HiDPI setting has been disabled by default when they upgrade to SMPlayer 16.6.0, but you can enable it by going to Preferences and accessing the High DPI setting from the Interface section. Please note that HiDPI support requires Qt 5.4 or later.

SMPlayer now supports for 2 in 1 computers with touch screens

Another exciting new feature implemented in the SMPlayer 16.6.0 release is support for those modern 2 in 1 computer, in particular the ones running Windows 10. Users can install SMPlayer 16.6 and enabled the new “tablet mode” in the Options menu, so that they can easily control the media player using the device’s touch screen.

“When the option is turned on it makes some changes in the interface so that it would be easier to control SMPlayer by touching the screen,” the devs have explained. “When the user changes the tablet mode in the Windows 10 action center, SMPlayer will detect it and ask if it should switch to the SMPlayer’s tablet mode as well.”

But that’s not all, as SMPlayer 16.6.0 comes with support for sending video streams to an external display connected to your computer. The setting (“Send video to screen”) can be enabled in the Video menu. Also new is the possibility of using the media keys on your computer’s keyboard as global shortcuts for controlling the playback.

Last but not least, SMPlayer 16.6.0, which you can download right now for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems via our website, is capable of remembering settings for online streams, such as resuming playback or bookmarking of YouTube/Vimeo videos. Additionally, there are now three new themes, namely Masalla, Papirus and PapirusDark.

Via Softpedia