Linux News Today: Solus Gets GNOME 3.18 Packages and Support for Locally Installed Extensions

The Solus developers have announced a few important changes, improvements, and updates that have landed for their distribution. There are quite a lot of items that have landed over the past few days, so users do have a lot to look out for.

The major improvement that has landed in Solus is the upgrade to the latest GNOME stack, and that brings a ton of other problems with it. Any distro that does this kind of upgrade is confronted with all kinds of issues that need to be ironed out. In this case, some parts of the Budgie desktop environment need to be re-written.

There is no information regarding the launch of the final version, but it’s difficult to say anything about it at this moment. As you can imagine, they have their hands full right now, so they have other concerns than a stable version.

Solus is evolving, is the pun is permitted

Some of the users have noticed that the name Arc Desktop was used by developers, but it doesn’t mean that Budgie is no longer being worked on. In fact, this is just a simple rename so that developers don’t have any issues with library conflicts and such.

“The rewrite of Budgie has seen some considerable progress and development that has been accelerated by the need to resolve issues that arose during the GNOME 3.18 Stack upgrade. As some of you may be aware, a keyboard issue has arisen since the Stack upgrade where pressing certain numbers on your keyboard will control font scaling instead. This issue specifically affects users of the Budgie desktop environment,” read the announcement made by Josh Strobl.

Another cool feature that is being planned and that didn’t get nearly enough attention is the support locally installed extensions, which opens up some pretty interesting possibilities.

You can download the latest Solus build right now and give it a spin.

Via Softpedia