Linux News Today: Steam for Linux Beta Client Gets a Fix for the Audio Wizard

The Steam client is approaching another stable release, and developers have just added a number of general fixes and improvements, with a little something for the Linux platform.

The Steam development cycle is completely unpredictable, and Valve could release a new stable version tomorrow or next week. The general rule seems to be that, when the changelogs are getting shorter and full of small fixes, it’s quite likely that devs are approaching a new release.

According to the changelog, a crash that occurred when opening the “Activate a Product on Steam” page has been fixed, the game badge progress in Library detail view has been added, games that are coming soon in the Resume and Explore section will no longer be recommended, the navigating to some links in the overlay that was blocking further navigation has been fixed, the downloads page is now showing custom game art when selected for a game, some issues with navigating the music player controls have been corrected, and the audio settings wizard will now correctly handle unavailable ports on Linux.

As usual, you don’t need to do anything extra to get this update, but you will need to make sure that you’re enrolled in the Beta program, from Preferences. You can also download the Steam Client from Softpedia if you don’t have it in your repository.

Via Softpedia