Linux News Today: The New Wallpapers of Fedora 23 Linux Are Here, and They Look Beautiful

We just reported at the end of last week that the Beta build of the upcoming Fedora 23 GNU/Linux operating system was approved for release on September 22, 2015, and what better opportunity to introduce you guys to its new wallpapers than the release of Fedora 23 Beta.

The Fedora Project developers were extremely happy to announce a few minutes ago the winners of the Fedora 23 Supplemental Wallpapers contest, where artists were able to contribute with beautiful photos to the next major release of the Fedora Linux operating system.

The contest took place over more than four months and it saw approximately 200 submissions from artists from all over the world, which apparently is a new record for the Fedora Supplemental Wallpapers contest. In the end, voters chose 16 beautiful images out of 157 photos that remained in the contest after the cleanup.

“To all our contributors, thank you. And remember, you’re winners even if your wallpaper was not among the top selections! You’ve made your first contribution to Fedora, so congratulations and we hope you continue to contribute,” reads the announcement.

Fedora 23 Beta coming later today

These 16 new beautiful wallpapers (see the image attached) will be distributed in the final build of the Fefora 23 GNU/Linux distribution, due for release on October 27, 2015. They are called supplemental wallpapers because they’re not part of the default set, and are being distributed as an optional package in the default software repositories.

Once again, we remind users that they will be able to test the Beta release of Fedora 23 Linux later today, so make sure that you keep an eye on our news section right here on the Softpedia Linux Homepage. At the moment, we have no idea if these wallpapers will be available in the Fedora 23 Beta build tonight, but most probably they will become available for download in the coming days.

Via Softpedia