Linux News Today: Ubuntu Core Now Ready for Screenly, a Digital Signage Solution for Raspberry Pi

Today, May 18, 2016, Canonical has announced a partnership with Screenly to bring the Snappy Ubuntu Core operating system to the world’s most popular digital signage solution for the Raspberry Pi.

As many of you are already aware from our previous coverage, Snappy Ubuntu Core is a slimmed-down version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, engineered by Canonical for deployments on a broad range of embedded and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, such as Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

Currently, Canonical provides developers and IoT enthusiasts with binary images of the Snappy Ubuntu Core operating system only for the Raspberry Pi 2 SBC, but images for the recently released Raspberry Pi 3 Model B are in the works and will be released later this year, most probably along with the Snappy Ubuntu Core 16 build.

Screenly is the most popular digital signage solution for the Raspberry Pi, and it looks like they recently joined forces with Canonical to build their infrastructure around the Snappy Ubuntu Core operating system, offering their customers a secure, stable, easy-to-use, robust, and simple-to-manage digital signage platform for Raspberry Pi boards.

“Ubuntu Core is perfectly suited to applications in digital signage. Its application isolation and transactional updates provide unrivaled security, stability and ease of use, something vital for constantly visible content. We’re pleased to be working with Screenly, whose agile approach is a perfect example of innovation in the digital signage space,” says Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical founder.

Ubuntu Core enables Screenly to be more flexible, secure

In the press announcement, Screenly CEO Viktor Petersson explains to us how Canonical’s latest version of the Snappy Ubuntu core operating system enables them to be more flexible in the development of their digital signage platform, as well as to help them concentrate all of their efforts on building software rather than OS administration.

The new Snappy innovations integrated into Ubuntu Core are perfect for the development of Screenly, which commercializes one of the easiest-to-install digital signage players, featuring a cloud-based interface. Screenly is known to power thousands of public displays around the world used almost everywhere around us, including airports, universities, shops, offices, restaurants, etc.

Ubuntu Core will allow Screenly developers to provide their customers with the latest software versions and long-term support updates, thus further improving the security, stability and performance of the popular digital signage platform. Best of all, Snappy Ubuntu Core makes managing a globally distributed fleet of digital signs a breeze for Screenly.

Via Softpedia