Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Launches April 6 for All Ubuntu Phones and the Ubuntu Tablet

Łukasz Zemczak of Canonical has just informed the community about the release date of the forthcoming OTA-10 software update for the Ubuntu mobile operating system.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 has been in development for quite some time now, and we covered its development cycle during the past month, during which we told you about some of the new features and improvements that the update would bring to all supported Ubuntu Phone devices, as well as the brand new Ubuntu Tablet.

One thing was missing from all this, and that was a release date, which was announced a few minutes ago, April 4, 2016, by Łukasz Zemczak on the Ubuntu Touch mailing list. “Good news today. So far OTA-10 seems to be on schedule, with an estimated date of release planned for the 6th of April – so Wednesday this week,” he explained.

We have to admit that today’s announcement comes as a big surprise, despite the fact that we were previously told that the Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 software update would be coming in the first week of April. But announcing the release date of a major update only two days ahead kind of seems like a rush job.

OTA-10 will be the biggest update so far

According to Mr. Zemczak, it would appear that the Ubuntu Touch team worked so hard on the OTA-10 update that it will be the biggest so far. It seems to be much bigger than the previous one, the OTA-9, and will sport a lot of cool new features, multiple improvements to most of the core apps, and many bug fixes.

In the next few hours, we’ll write another article to tell you all about the new features of Ubuntu Touch OTA-10, which will be available starting April 6 as a phased update, pushed by Canonical to Ubuntu Phones users during a 24-hour period. The Ubuntu Tablet, BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, will also receive the update.

Via Softpedia