Linux News Today: ubuntuBSD 15.10 Beta 3 Released, Brings Support for Virtual Text Consoles

The upcoming ubuntuBSD 15.10 operating system has just received a third Beta build on the first day of April to fix a bug reported by a user in the LightDM display manager init script.

We’ve already told you everything there is to know about ubuntuBSD, so you should read our initial report if you want to get started with this unique operating system that brings the powerful BSD kernel to Ubuntu and BSD communities alike.

ubuntuBSD 15.10 Beta 3 has been released on April 1, and it appears that it updates the LightDM login manager to version 1.16.4-0ubuntu1+bsd2, adding virtual text consoles to the F1-F4 keys.

“How do you add virtual text consoles to F1-F4? By default, there appear to be no virtual getty consoles defined – in case X gets fouled up; how do we add these back in?” reads the Launchpad bug submitted by a user on March 29, 2016.

Early adopters running ubuntuBSD 15.10 Beta 2 are urged to update the LighDM packages to the version mentioned above or later, which can be found in the main software repositories of the operating system.

If you’re getting started with ubuntuBSD, you can download the ubuntuBSD 15.10 Beta 2 installable-only ISO image right now via our website. More details about ubuntuBSD can be found on its SourceForge project page. The final release of ubuntuBSD should arrive later this year!

Via Softpedia