Linux News Today: uNav GPS Navigation App for Ubuntu Phones Receives a Major Update – Gallery

Today, November 30, Marcos Costales has just announced a new update for its awesome uNav GPS navigation app for Ubuntu Phone devices, a release that introduces some interesting new features.

uNav 0.32 is now live in the Ubuntu Store for the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating, available for all Ubuntu Phone users, and according to Mr. Costales it requires users to update to the latest OTA-8 software update that has been released on November 18, 2015.

Prominent new features of uNav 0.32 include history on search, Favorites, and Nearby pages, the ability to sort search results by distance, including support for displaying the respective distance, the implementation of a new pop-up for the POIs and click on map features, as well as new map attributions.

Moreover, uNav is now capable of displaying all POIs (Point of Interests) on the map, lets users switch the time to go by clicking on the arrive time, integrates headers, add speech support for the Spanish and Italian languages, and implements ‘No Cancel Route’ for those times when there’s no route available.

“Big update for this GPS Navigation for Ubuntu Phone. First, thanks a lot to Joerg Berroth |o/ who did hard and awesome work in this version,” said Marcos Costales. “Just search uNav into the Ubuntu Store. A rating is appreciated. FYI, you’ll new to update your phone to OTA-8.”

Custom zoo, updated translations, and many more

In addition ot the amazing new features mentioned above, uNav 0.32 also includes lots of new POIs with search support, allows for custom zoom on maps, displays the speed when clicking on distance, updates several language translations, and displays the translators in the About page.

Of course, there are several other minor fixes and under-the-hood improvements that make a big difference in the overall performance of the application. All Ubuntu Phone users can download/update the new uNav 0.32 app from the Ubuntu Store, but not before they update to Ubuntu Touch OTA-8.

Via Softpedia