Linux News Today: uNav GPS navigator for Ubuntu Touch Receives Several Improvements

uNav, a turn-by-turn GPS navigator and map viewer for Ubuntu Touch, has been upgraded once more, and a number of features have been improved.

uNav is one of the most downloaded applications on the Ubuntu phones, but that’s not all that surprising, given the fact that it’s also the only one of its kind. The developer of uNav has put in a lot of effort into building this application, and it’s really impressive what he has managed to do with it, especially since it’s not ported from another platform or based on another project.

The app ecosystem for Canonical’s mobile operating system is getting bigger every day, and new apps are constantly published. Many of these applications are built specifically for Ubuntu Touch, and they show that the number of users is increasing. uNav just happens to be one of the best.

uNav is still being improved

uNav is certainly impressive and it comes with a lot of features. Besides the obvious online map, GPS navigation, it’s also worth noting that it’s based on OpenStreetMap and Mapzen. Users can select from car, bike, and walk modes; they can avoid tolls, search for nearby points of interest (POI), share positions & catch those positions, turn-by-turn indicators with voice, and much more.

To top it all, the application is 100% GPL and 100% powered by libre projects, which is always a nice touch. Even with all of these features, the developer continues to improve it, and he has recently made some important changes that have already landed in uNav 0.45, which is available right now in the store.

According to the changelog the developer has just posted on Google+, the popup behavior has been improved, clicking on the maps is now more accurate, and the height markers have been improved as well.

As usual, users won’t have to do anything special if they already have the application installed from the Ubuntu Store.

Via Softpedia