Linux News Today: Warzone 2100 3.1.3 Open Source RTS Game Launches with New Features, Bugfixes

The developers of the free, cross-platform and open-source Warzone 2100 real-time strategy (RTS) game have announced the release and immediate availability for download of Warzone 2100 3.1.3.

Players were promised the 3.1.3 update of Warzone 2100 by the end of 2015, but due to some unforeseen events the team had to postpone it for the end of January 2016, so today you can finally get your hands on it and enjoy all the new features and improvements it brings.

“We had some last-minute delays in meeting our end-of-year target, but it has finally happened: Warzone 2100 3.1.3 is out,” developers explained. “While that might not seem like much, please see our repo for the complete list of changes! For any last minute changes, please look at our forums.”

Among the new features implemented in Warzone 2100 3.1.3, we can mention the renaming of the configuration folder after the current build number, which will be located inside the warzone2100-3.1 directory (under Linux, you will find it at .warzone2100-3.1/3.1.3/).

Custom backdrops are now supported

Moreover, the Rank feature is no longer displayed, but it will return when support for registered players will be implemented for the lobby. PING times are now displayed in the Multiplayer mode only to the host, and a large number of crahes and issues reported by users since the previous update have been squashed.

Lastly, Warzone 2100 3.1.3 introduces support for custom backdrops and credit screens. Players are being informed that the backdrops will be chosen randomly from PNG image files located in the base/texpages/bdrops/ folder. Download Warzone 2100 3.1.3 for GNU/Linux systems right now from Softpedia, and for other OSes from the project’s website.

Via Softpedia