Mandriva Bikin Mandriva Bussiness Server Berbasis Mageia Linux

PARIS – Sesuai dengan strategi yang disampaikan September 2012 yang lalu, Charles Schulz kemarin mengumumkan satu berita penting seputar aktivitas Mandriva saat ini. Setelah bulan lalu merilis Mandriva CoudPulse, kini Mandriva berencana akan merilis Mandriva Bussiness Server (MBS).

Apa pula MBS itu? Menurut Charles Schulz, Mandriva Bussiness Server adalah produk server Mandriva SA khusus pasar publik, bukan ditargetkan kepada perusahaan besar (enterprise). MBS akan menyasar para pengusaha menengah ke bawah yang tidak terlalu butuh server yang kompleks dan tidak punya sumber daya manusia yang mumpuni. MBS menurut Schulz menjanjikan interface yang intuitif dan mudah dipelajari bagi orang yang belum pernah sekalipun menyetting server, untuk kebutuhan server backup, file management, mail, user directory, membuat web, instant messaging, voip dan aplikasi lainnya.

Rilis MBS sendiri adalah salah satu step penting bagi Mandriva SA ditahun ini. Setelah deklarasi penyerahan mandat pengembangan linux Mandriva ke Komunitas OpenMandriva, kini mereka memang berfokus pada pasar Server dan Edukasi. Dan sesuai janji mereka beberapa bulan lalu, Mandriva Bussiness Server ini berbasis pada Mageia Linux. Mageia Linux sendiri adalah distro fork dari Mandriva tahun 2010 lalu yang sepenuhnya dikembangkan komunitas dan saat ini cukup populer.

Berikut kutipan beritanya:

Ever since the month of September, Mandriva is renewing its entire products and solutions portfolio. The next product to be unveiled this month is the Mandriva Business Server. A few words were hinted in the press as well as to our strategic partners and customers.

Today we would like to lift the curtain on some aspects of the upcoming Mandriva Business Server. In a few words, Mandriva Business Server is complete Linux-based server platform aimed primarily at the SMB and public sector market. Mandriva Business Server is however not just another Linux server distribution. From the first moment in the installation to the regular maintenance and management tasks Mandriva Business Server offers its users with easy and beautiful management interfaces allowing them to configure and deploy services from the Mandriva Business Server in a seamless and fast way.

These interfaces that will be unveiled the day of our official release are but one of the several key aspects of the Mandriva Business Server: its feature set is one of the most complete on the market and organizations that do not have the skills to have a full-time Linux sysadmin will save both money and efforts by choosing the Mandriva Business Server. File management, document backup, mail server deployment and management, directory, web server, website creation, instant messaging, network and security management, VoIP, application server… Mandriva Business Server offers all that and more.

Yet for a Linux distribution vendor like Mandriva, the release of a new Linux server edition (the first major one after a long time) is always a special moment. All the more so because Mandriva Business Server is actually a breakthrough not just in terms of product design, but also in terms of its components. Mandriva spent a long time assessing the various platforms it could work with. It was decided to base the Mandriva Business Server on the Mageia Linux project. But we didn’t stop there. We took the Mageia as a base and turn it into the Mandriva Business Server. Specifically it means that Mandriva added its own, custom kernel; it also includes much more recent versions of key packages such as openldap, ejabberd, samba and php. On top of that, we stripped the server from its XOrg components as well as any graphical environment commonly found on Linux and created our own environment. Aside this, specific security related settings and packages have been added or customized. With this as a rock-solid base, we were then able to work on offering our customers with innovative and intuitive tools to run their daily operations securely and easily.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Mandriva Business Server!