Mandriva Directory Server 2.4.1 now available

Mandriva announces the immediate availability of a new release of the Mandriva Directory Server (MDS), an easy to use, powerful and secure solution for managing identities, directory services and network services within the enterprise.

This release features in particular the following enhancements:
– the mail module now supports the management of Zarafa accounts;
– the Samba module features extended fine-grained access control list management on Samba shares, and advanced configuration of the Samba accounts;
– the network module supports new DHCP options.

In addition, the MDS build system has been migrated to autotools, which eases manual install and packaging. The MDS packages are available for Mandriva Enterprise Server, Mandriva Desktop, Debian, Redhat (and more) with a user interface in the following languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Spanish.

This new version of MDS is a step forward in simplifying the administration of IT systems and in reducing the related costs while increasing the reliability, the security and the evolutivity of the managed services. Combined with Mandriva Enterprise Server and with Pulse2, it provides a powerful stack for managing the IT assets of enterprises of all sizes. The MDS is interoperable with MS Windows, Linux and Mac systems and it provides a rich and documented API for a smooth integration into existing systems.

Mandriva is at your disposal for providing professional services around the Mandriva Directory Server.

MDS Management Console

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