Mandriva Luncurkan Interface Baru Situsnya

Om Charles Schulz selaku humas dari Mandriva baru saja mengumumkan tampilan baru dari website Mandriva, yang berganti wajah menjadi lebih cantik dan informatif. Web baru ini dikembangkan dengan basis Mezzanine, CMS berbasis Python Django.

Ini loh tampilan baru dari web tersebut:


Selain mengumumkan tampilan baru ini, om Schulz juga mengumumkan bahwa Mandriva secara resmi merebranding divisi inovasi dan R&Dnya menjadi Innova.

Kutipan berita resminya:

Today is a special day for us at Mandriva. We are not  announcing a product, or unveiling a new strategy. We are releasing our new website.This new website is the result of two months of tireless work by several team members at Mandriva and we hope you will like it. The new website will replace the familiar look and feel of the previous one and is consistent with our efforts towards a better and clearer branding. It will also be used as the main platform to launch our new products.

The “old” website was quite complex but was also an amazing work of hand written configuration files; this time, we went for Mezzanine, one of the best and most versatyle Django-based CMS. We would like to thank the Mezzanine community and hope that during our development work we were able to improve their platform. This is one way to give back to the community.

Much in the same vein you will notice that we have  given our Innovation division a somewhat rebranded image and a name: Innova. Innova is the name of the Innovation cluster at Mandriva and we encourage you to have a look at what we are doing there and where we are going.

This marks yet another happy milestone at the beginning of 2013; and we have to plan many more this year.

Stay tuned!