Menjadi Anonymous Hacker dengan Incognito Linux

Sekilas tentang Incognito Linux

Incognito Linux adalah linux turunan Debian yang khusus ditujukan untuk pengguna linux yang menginginkan ke-anonim-an secara penuh saat berinternet di Linux. Dirilis lengkap sebagai The (Amnestic) Incognito Live System ini dikembangkan dari Irlandia. Beberapa software yang dimasukkan dalam distribusi ini antara lain web browser, klien IRC, klien Mail, internet messenger (IM), dan semua konfigurasi siap pakai untuk berselancar dan beraktivitas secara anonymous.

Inti dari Incognito Linux ini adalah software Tor, sebuah software anonymous proxy/browsing terpopuler saat ini. Bisa dibilang Incognito Linux = Debian + Tor + LiveCD.

Menjadi Anonymous dengan Incognito Linux

  1. Unduh dulu file ISO dari Incognito Linux dari sini:
  2. Bakar file ISO ke CD,
  3. Cadangkan data pada komputer anda jika diperlukan,
  4. Masukkan LiveCD Incognito Linux dan restart komputer, pastikan booting pertama pada CD/DVD
  5. Tunggu sampai LiveCD/Linux siap digunakan, gunakan browser, IRC, IM atau apapun. anda sudah anonymous sekarang!

Pembaharuan di Incognito Linux 0.7

  • Tor
  • Protecting against memory recovery: new, safer way to wipe memory on shutdown which is now also used when the boot media is physically removed.
  • Hardware support
    • printers: install more printer drivers, allow the default user to manage more kinds of printers
    • 3G: support mobile broadband devices such as 3G USB dongles
    • wireless: install Atheros and Broadcom firmwares
    • scanner and multi-function peripherals: better support
  • Iceweasel
    • install the HTTPS Everywhere extension
    • many Anonymity Set preservation enhancements, mostly inspired by the Tor Browser Bundle configuration
    • support FTP, thanks to FoxyProxy
  • Other software
    • user-friendly encryption support: install gnome-disk-utility (Palimpsest) and Seahorse plugins
    • add opt-in i2p support with Iceweasel integration through FoxyProxy
    • optionally install TrueCrypt at boot time to allow users of the (old and now unsupported) Incognito live system to access the data on previously created media; this is not meant to be used to create new TrueCrypt media (more information)
    • make better use of battery-powered hardware
    • replace xsane with simple-scan which is part of GNOME and way easier to use
    • install scribus-ng instead of scribus: more features, less bugs
  • Firewall
  • Miscellaneous
    • fromiso= bugfixes
    • configure keyboard layout accordingly to the chosen language for Italian and Portuguese
    • more robust HTP time synchronization wrt. network failures; display the logs when the clock synchronization fails
    • disable automatic media mounting and opening to protect against a class of attacks that was recently put under the spotlights
    • GnuPG: default to stronger digest algorithms