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OpenMandriva 2013.0 Lx RC2 Released!

And here it comes! A week after RC1, OpenMandriva 2013.0 Lx RC2 is out on schedule!

It’s been mostly bugfixing and polishing at this stage. Nothing much different from RC1. You’ll notice, though, that we’ve only got one launcher for RC2, KickOff. If you want SimpleWelcome, you can install rosa-launcher, if you want Homerun, you can install homerun and if you want Lancelot, you can install plasma-applet-lancelot.

In RC2 we completed the artwork integration. It includes fixing of the plymouth theme, updated GRUB, ksplash, user avatars, and got a brand new screensaver.

Additionally, following the results of the wallpaper contest, “The Flavour of Freedom”, we’ve included the winnersof the contest into 2013.0, which you will be able to find if you want to change your wallpaper!


Last Minute Testing
Please pay special attention to:

  •  USB booting, which has always been a weak area for us (but has become much better!)
  • Control Centre – Are you having major difficulties with it?

We’ve got GA coming in approximately a week – it’s about to come knocking on the door! If you find any bugs, please make sure to report them on our issue tracker*.

How can I get this?
RC1 users should simply upgrade.

Download from SourceForge




In RC2 you’ll find:

  • Kernel 3.11.6
  • KDE 4.11
  • Firefox 25.0
  • LibreOffice 4.1.3

For a detailed list of changes, upgrading instructions and errata, please check the release notes.
You can make use of our forums and/or mailing lists for sharing thoughts, opinions, views, criticisms, praises and suggestions. Advanced users / testers may want to make use of our issue tracker site* for reporting bugs.

Go on, get it, and join the fun!

* If you experience issues with security certificate (https) on our issue tracker, see an explanation.