OpenMandriva 2013 Cooker ARM Edition is Released!

Even the 2012 edition still not clear enough, also the future distro name, the community of OpenMandriva (esp. in cooker) is take a step a head with releasing the new branch of OpenMandriva 2013 for ARM Processor. This step is (maybe) one of community strategy to take an attention in linux world and proved that OpenMandriva community is strong enough to take closer with the competitor like Ubuntu ARM, OpenSUSE, Fedora ARM etc.

This cooker port edition of Armv7l is lead by Alexander Khruskin (one of ROSA Lab developers). And this is the release news taken from Foundations mailist:

Good news everyone.
I want to introduce you to OpenMandriva armv7l port.
armv7l it is means that repo was built with -mfloat-abi=softfp (as a bootstrap arch i think)

Look this file
it is latest cache produced by abf mock-urpm tool

This is a repo, biggest part of them it is Main from cooker, but few java-packages stolen from contrib of

repo: (i publish everyday updates for a lot of packages)

How to start:
1.You need some arm device, would be great even android phone or tablet, arm development board it is really perfect.
2.Format sd-card for ext3-4 fs. (don’t forget mount fs to mountpoint like /usbdisk or something else)
3.adb push cache.tar.gz to /usbdisk /usbdisk/; busybox tar -xf cache.tar.xz -C rootfs/
5.mount bind, proc, sys

mount -obind /dev/ rootfs/dev/
mount -obind /dev/pts rootfs/dev/pts
mount -obind /dev/shm rootfs/dev/shm
mount -obind /sys/ rootfs/sys/
mount -t proc none rootfs/proc/

6.chroot rootfs/ /bin/bash
7.Wow we into OpenMandriva 2013 armv7l

How to build packages for arm? (yeah you can do it just on your phone, root needed)
add repo

My urpmi.cfg looks
cat /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg

local file://home/fdkit/repo/main {

Cause i builds it with the local storage.

Then just install urpmi abf-console-client –ignorearch

ignorearch option needed cause bug of urpmi (but might not)

Than you need to configure your abf client
and copy this config to both of
And symling it to default.cfg

now you can build some simple package like a tar or xz

just clone it from abf and do
abf mock-urpm -v
and you can see build progress.
In output you got few rpm packages in current dir.

Current progress:
Few weeks i was out of job cause i.mx6 machine (provided by Bero) was disconnected from network and this makes me very sad panda.
Qt4, gcc-stuff, glibc, gtk-2-3, systemd was built.
And theoretically we can start to building kde4 (abondrov needed), gnome3 DE’s (or a lot more)

Current issues and problems:
One build node it’s feels like lack of resources.
arm arch not integrated with abf build farm (sorry for tautology) it generates some troubles.
Now i makes mass-rebuilds via own script with manual corrections

Also we can launch OpenMandriva 2013 on mk802-like devices

Thanks to proyvind and great thanks to Bero(without him would not be armv7)