OpenMandriva 2013 Linux Wallpaper Contest

OpenMandriva Lx is in the Cooker but we need to add more flavor to it—some spicy, juicy new wallpapers. We need the help of our fellow community to build the best looking wallpaper we can get.

The theme for the competition is “The Flavor of Freedom”; so try to stick to the theme.
Of course there are some rules (why, why?!):

– All submissions should be original works, and carry a license equivalent to CC by SA.
– Wallpapers could be Photography, Digital Art, or Art, falling in categories like Abstract, Monochrome, Animal life, Landscapes, Local culture.
– The submissions must not contain anything that can be offensive to others; so we suggest to not submit religious, sexual, violent materials.
– Image dimensions should preferably be 1920×1200; image size shouldn’t exceed 2 MB;
– A user may submit more than one wallpaper.

Entries can be submitted to
Let the creations begin!