OpenMandriva officially announced the Official Logo

The non-profit OpenMandriva Association has announced that it has selected a new logo for the organisation which is responsible for coordinating the development of Mandriva Linux. The group started a competition in January to “Get a face!” for the association. The final logo was selected from seven favourites chosen in a community poll of 200 people.

OpenMandriva Association logo

The low participation numbers may be indicative of the divided Mandriva community. In 2010, the Mageia project split from the Mandriva community, forking the project, and in 2011 produced its own Mageia 1.0 release. The Mageia project has just released thefourth beta of Mageia 3 and expects to ship the new release at the start of May. Meanwhile, the OpenMandriva Association is moving on to the task of finding a name for its new distribution and is working on organising infrastructure for the project.

via The-H