Rilis Mageia 3 Diundur Jadi 18 Mei

Setelah menggelar sejumlah diskusi, Tim Pengembang Mageia resmi memutuskan untuk menunda sejenak rilis Mageia 3 yang semula dijadwalkan besok (tanggal 3 Mei) menjadi tanggal 18 Mei 2013.

Sejumlah kendala klasik menjadi penghalang cepat hadirnya Mageia 3 ke tangan kita. Sejumlah bugs cukup fatal baru saja ditemukan dan tidak mungkin diselesaikan dengan update kecil pasca rilis distro. Bugs ini terkait dengan Installer, Deteksi Hardware dan Media Instalasi.

Berikut adalah kutipan resmi berita pengunduran tanggal rilis oleh Anne Nicholas kemarin di blog

After some thought and discussions it was decided to delay the Mageia 3 final release until the 18th of May.

We still have some release blocker bugs to fix, meaning bugs which cannot be fixed after release through updates. They are mainly to do with the installer, hardware detection and the installation media.

We could say “Mageia will be released when it’s ready” but we would look like a copycat :)

Packagers and QA team are on the case and doing all the hard work so that you have a great Mageia 3 release!

Thankyou for all your testing and bug reports! We are a community and you are an important part of it. You have helped to make Mageia. Feels good doesn’t it? If you would like to get more involved in making Mageia, please do so.  Take a look here for some ideas, there are all sorts of teams to join and you don’t need to be overly technical to get involved. You would be very welcome..