ROSA Desktop 2012 Alpha dirilis

Kabar baik bagi anda pengguna Mandriva Linux yang sudah kangen dengan rilis distribusi mandriva yang baru, salah satu turunan dari Mandriva Linux, ROSA Linux baru saja merilis versi Alpha dari ROSA Desktop 2012. ROSA Desktop 2012 ini adalah (biasanya) merupakan versi fork dari Mandriva terbaru (walau sayang, kejelasan Mandriva 2012 masih simpang siur).

Berikut adalah berita rilisnya dari ROSA Lab:

In this Alpha release the main emphasis was made on libraries and core system software.

We have successfully rebuilt packages from the Main repository with new libraries and adopted our package base to RPM 5.4.x requirements. Versions of system components included in the alpha release:

You can download the ROSA Desktop 2012 Alpha from:

  • rpm 5.4.9
  • gcc 4.7 Linaro
  • glibc 2.15
  • libpng15 1.5.11
  • kde 4.9.0
  • perl 5.14
  • kernel 3.5.1
  • systemd+udev 189
  • qt4 4.8.2
  • glib2 2.32.3
  • gtk+2 2.24.11
  • gtk+3 3.4.4
  • boost 1.50.0
  • ffmpeg 0.11.1
  • php 5.4.6
  • ruby 1.9.3-p194

Currently GRUB 0.97 is used as boot loader, but it will be replaced with GRUB 2 at next stages of ROSA Desktop 2012 development.

Note: this alpha release only supports KDE 4!

You can get additional information at ROSA wiki:

While testing Alpha release, please pay special attention to functionality of core system components and report all issues to ROSA bugzilla: (“Desktop 2012” category).

You are welcome to discuss Desktop 2012 Alpha and ask question at ROSALab forum:  and in ROSA-users mailing list:

We would remind our dear users that preliminary date of the next beta-release of ROSA Desktop 2012 is October.

Sesegera mungkin saya akan berikan review-nya.