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ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME Edition R2 Dirilis

ROSA company proudly presents the ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R2, the distribution based on the GNOME3 desktop environment and the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 codebase.

GNOME3 modern desktop is the default GDM option, but users who do not wish to get involved into the GNOME3 innovative GUI and desktop features, would want to switch to the GNOME Classic. GNOME Classic is the desktop environment targeted to users who prefer more traditional desktop experience. While based on GNOME 3 technologies, it provides Applications and Places menus on the top bar, and a window list at the bottom of the screen. Last, but not least, we’re presenting our own ‘GNOME FallBack’ mode realization based on the GNOME 3.6 for the legacy hardware users who would like to have a GNOME3 experience anyway.

The ROSA-elementary icon and Gtk theme comes by default, but you may freely switch to any of the available GNOME3 theme , and do not forget to change the wallpaper directly from the Firefox!

Some of the new features and fixes in ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R2: