ROSA Merilis Produk ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS)

Akhirnya setelah merilis versi beta beberapa bulan yang lalu, ROSA Lab, pengembang ROSA Linux dan solusi linux berbasis Mandriva di Russia, merilis produk ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS).

RELS ini adalah produk yang unik karena merupakan turunan dari Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) dan Mandriva Linux. Langkah merilis RELS ini sekaligus memulai babak baru bisnis support enterprise dari ROSA di Russia yang didukung sejumlah perusahaan besar disana. RELS juga dipersiapkan sebagai pijakan produk Cloud IaaS dan PaaS yang beberapa waktu dekat akan diluncurkan pula.

Berikut kutipan berita rilisnya:

ROSA team is happy to announce ROSA Enterprise Linux Server “Helium” 2012 server operating system. RELS 2012 is based on a combination of a package base RedHat, the world leader in the server OS market, modern open open technologies from upstream and brand-name ROSA tools and applications. This allows to achieve binary-level compatibility with popular enterprise applications and at the same time extend the system functionality, e.g., for easier integration with existing corporate networks, visual server configuration and management, etc.. RELS is a first step towards creation of ROSA Cloud Platform – an integrated solution for building cloud platforms. RELS development (including rebuilding all packages from the source code) was completely performed by means of ROSA own development and build system – ROSA ABF.

Download and get 30 days of free support.

Main advantages of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server “Helium” 2012:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 package base.
Centralized management of user accounts.
Web-based administration and configuration interface.
High scalability.
Support for Windows and Linux clients.
Improved data and service security by means of strong user authorization with “Single SignOn” possibility.
Easy integration with existing corporate networks.
A ready-to-use basis for deploying cloud solutions.

Package base of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server “Helium” 2012 is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Such a good genealogy allows to guarantee reliability and compatibility of a resulting product. The more so that all imported packages were rebuilt by means of ROSA ABF (Automatic Build Farm) development and build environment. ABF is an own technology of the ROSA company, which allows to fully control package base and development tools of the product, increasing its technological independence and quality.

Basic features of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server “Helium” 2012:
Hosting of company web site and other web applications (Web services).
Internet access administration and statistics (proxy server).
Management of user accounts and machines (directory services, inventory services, mandatory access control).
Creation and deployment of virtual servers and jobsites and means to access them (virtualization services, terminal services).
Safe access to local resources through Internet (VPN server).
Storage for data and documents (file access services).
Data protection and backup (antivirus nad backup services).
A set of tools and services for building private and public cloud infrastructures (IaaS). It also includes a service for organizing distributed data storage and comfortable Web interface.

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server “Helium” 2012 includes several brand-name tools aimed to simplify deployment and maintenance of enterprise IT infrastructure. In particular:
ROSA Server Setup — a tool for installing and configuring main server components using Web-interface.
ROSA Management Server — allows to manage configuration of already installed server applications.
ROSA Directory Server — a component intended for administration of user accounts and controlling access to resources of a local network.
ROSA brand-name tools such as dnsmod and ldapbindfs.
More details about thees features are here and here.

Moreover, RELS is the only Red Hat-based solution at the moment that uses a fast and lightweight LXDE desktop environment with a set of all necessary tools accompanied by epdfview PDF reader, graphical package management tools, VPN plugin for NetworkManager, Parcellite clipboard manager, etc. GNOME 2.28 and KDE 4.3.5 desktop environments are available, as well.

Technical specifications

Base system
Linux 2.6.32
OpenSSH 5.3-p1-70
OpenSSL 1.0.0
busybox 1.15
glibc 2-12
rpm 4.8.0
squashfs-tools 4.0

Authentication software
Open LDAP 2.4.23
MIT Kerberos 1.9

Application servers
Tomcat 6.6

Network file systems and printing support
CUPS 1.4

Cloud computing software
libvirt 0.9.4
OpenStack (Essex)

Network services
FTP (vsftpd)
DNS (bind)

Mail services
SMTP (Postfix 2.6, Sendmail)
POP & IMAP (Cyrus-IMAP 2.3, Dovecot 2.0.9)
Webmail (Roundcube)
Anti-spam (SpamAssassin)

MySQL 5.1
PostgreSQL 8.4
sqlite 3.6

Apache 2.2
PHP 5.3
Perl 5.10
Squid 3.1

Backup software
Bacula 5.0

According to ROSA plans, ROSA Enterprise Linux Server “Helium” 2012 operating system should become a core component of ROSA Cloud Platform – an integrated software stack being developed by ROSA which will also include «Infrastructure As A Service» (IAAS) and «Platform As A Service» (PAAS) tools, as well as tools to setup, monitor and maintain a cloud infrastructure.

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server “Helium” 2012 is a free software. Developers guarantee timely security updates, but leave the right to provide other improvements only to commercial subscribers. For RELS, the ROSA company provides paid technical support and services, as well as development of customized solutions.

Please report any issues and suggestions to developers by e-mail:

For more information please contact Konstantin Kochereshkin, ROSA PR-manager. Tel.: +7(495) 229-8812; e-mail: