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SmartGit 5.0.6 Dirilis

SmartGit, software client penampil revisi dokumen Git baru saja merilis versi 5.0.6. Versi terbaru dari perangkat yang mampu membaca revisi dokumen berbasis Git dan Mercurial ini menawarkan beberapa perubahan dan penambahan fitur dari versi sebelumnya.

SmartGit terbaru sudah mampu menangani beberapa akun github sekaligus, sehingga developer yang menggunakan SmartGit tidak perlu lagi login dan logout untuk berpindah repositori github (yes! :). Selain itu, kini SmartGit akhirnya sudah memfasilitasi komentar pada saat request pull dilakukan.


Beberapa fitur lain yang ditawarkan pada versi terbaru ini antara lain:
– Stash otomatis berlaku jika user akan melakukan overwrite sebuah branch,
– Aksi merge repositori kini bisa dengan membuat commit request pull secara virtual,
– Fix bug symlink
Fixed Bugs
– Git:
– Add Branch: automatic stash did not work when trying to overwrite
existing branch
– Commit: empty merge commit can’t be committed when Files view is focussed
– Git-Flow:
– cannot be switched off if configured remote != “origin”
– possible confusion in case of multiple remotes
– GitHub:
– merge did not create virtual pull request commits
– fetching pull request might fail with “Could not determine remote entry
for pull request anchor”
– local pull request refs should be composed from number (instead of
internal id)
– Log:
– Compare with Local:
– was disabled when having the first commit selected
– in the occurring compare window the wrong file name is shown for the
Working Tree
– did not open if HEAD was invalid (e.g. after an orphan checkout)
– possible internal error in case of invalid HEADs
– Comments table rows might become too large
– Git-Flow: “develop” was not layed out in the first column only
– Refresh: possible internal error related to invalid HEAD
– Project|Repository Settings: was disabled for missing roots
– Hg:
– Log: internal error having a virtual merge commit selected
– don’t modify HOME on Windows
– did not check \hgrc.d\Paths.rc before adding
“web.cacerts” config option
– SVN:
– Clone/Pull: possible internal error related to symlink handling
– Branches view:
– local branches should be able to get SVN as well as Git remote tracked
– remote branches referring to a Git remote were still displayed below the
SVN remote
– Log, Merge: did not offer to create Merge commit
– Pull: “can’t pull into SVN clone” with multiple remotes
– Push: possible false-positive ‘force’ warning when using an additional Git
– various commands:
– SVN-related warnings for Git remote tracking branches
– possible confusion when working with additional Git remotes
– OS X:
– Commit message input fields: cursor up/down did not work correctly for the
first/last line when having wrapped lines
– possible internal error clicking the SmartGit dock icon
– internal errors related to tree controls

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