What is Y PPA Manager 0.0.7?

what Y PPA Manager does: it’s a GUI to easily add/remove/purge a PPA, find and remove duplicate PPAs with a click, list packages in a PPA you’ve previously added, backup PPAs and search all launchpad PPAs. There are two ways to search PPAs:
– simple search – will simply use the Launchpad search and return all the possible results
– deep search – will scan all the PPAs the Launchpad search returns and only display the PPAs which have the package you’ve search for (so you must enter the exact package name) – only if it’s available for your Ubuntu version. This will also list the package version next to the PPA name so you don’t have to click “list packages” for each PPA to be able to see the package version. The only downside for “deep search” is that it takes longer then a regular search