New! Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) 2.4.2

Mandriva announces the immediate availability of a new release of the Mandriva Directory Server (MDS), an easy to use, powerful and secure solution for managing identities, directory services and network services within the enterprise.

This new release features enhancements in the mail, network and password policies modules.

The mail module features a more complete solution for aliases management. Aliases can be populated with LDAP users and/or external mail addresses.

The network module provide a new DNS zone record editor as well as a new interface for configuring DHCP failover.

With the password policies module you are now able to create multiple policies (password length, complexity, minimum/maximum age etc…) and apply them to users.

The MDS packages are available for Mandriva Enterprise ServerMandriva DesktopDebianRedhat (and more) with a user interface in the following languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Spanish.

Mandriva is at your disposal for providing professional services around the Mandriva Directory Server.

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